Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ring around the...what?!

TW, our beloved jack russell that has parkinson's disease and can't stop shaking, has done it again.
For the past couple of weeks he's been super itchy and has been licking his skin from the bone-literally and even with the cone-of-shame on too. Pam took him into work, and at first they thought it might just be allergies and gave us some prednazone (I'm not sure how to spell it, but it's a steroid-the spell checker thinks it should be predomination, whatever that is) for his itchies. All it did was make him grumpier than normal. Pam took him back in and now they think it's some kind of fungus-ring worm, or one of those other lovely things that make you itchy all over and wish you'd chosen the room with a moose instead. So he's off the steroid, still grumpy as he's going through withdrawals, and now on some funky smelling anti-fungus magic pill. We still have to go through and wash/clean everything that he's been rolling around on that's inside the house. Outside, he just rolls in everything.

We've moved the horses, again, and hope that this time we will have found someone that's mostly sane, as we were lucky enough to finally find in Nebraska-horse people are freakin' nuts! They sad part is that they know it and just don't care. The world has enough crazy people in it already! (just look at how many people vote republican)

Pam's been studying to take the LSAT to get into law school in May 2011. Crazy stuff. The test consists of questions like "If Tom has three dogs, Jane wears earmuffs in July, Billy like to eat snowcones and Wally got a buzz cut last week, which one of them has the longest big toe?" I don't get it, but she's doing great! That's about it for now.

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